A Radiospurs Propagation Tools Site

A collection of items that can ease life in putting your studio link together. Calculators for the link parameters.

The Propagation Budget using the Longley-Rice Model

The Longley-Rice model is used over the 20MHz - 20GHz range to see how much margin you have for fades, snow, rain etc....


The Link Budget Using the Egli Model

Propagation mapping over a simple undulating terrain, suitable for pt-pt estimation.

Egli model

Rx Sensitivity Using Friis Model

Get an estimate of the air power at a distance from the transmitter.

Rx input using Friis

Effective Radiated Power

Ok, you have 1Kw leaving the Tx but how much is actually driving the ether?


Free Space Propagation

Do some calculations on the free space propagation to a distant point using the Friis Equation.

Free Space (Friis)