A Radiospurs RF Propagation Analysis Tool Site

This is both a standalone site dedicated to the Longley Rice, Friis etc propagation models and microwave Antennae, Horn, Yagi. Standalone because we can get the co-ordinates of transmitter-receiver sites, with the option to do point to point and broadcast Longley Rice calculations. For BEST results and accuracy of placement a 4K monitor should be used. (Most Accurate Resolution: 3840 x 2160 on Edge or Safari). Lower resolution will give inaccurate placement ( eg: a 620 x 480 will have a 1Km accuracy placement)

Note: All information is supplied AS IS. No liablity for consequential use is accepted. User beware.


Based upon the OpenStreetMap, SRMTv4.1 data bases and other specific OSM sources (Ordinance Survey UK amongst others), the mapping can be used to situate transmitters using location and elevation data. Terrain elevation profile can be extracted. The resultant Lat-Long information can the be imported into the Longley Rice model for calculation of the broadcast characteristice

The Initial Location?

The values are entered in degree, minute, second + compass format or selected from an abbreviated list.

Location Degrees Minutes Seconds Compass
Location Latitude
Location Longitude


As an alternative use the drop list to make a choice, then click continue to place map.


Either enter co-ordinate information or drop the list to make a choice of initial location, then click continue to go.

Rapid Link

The co-ordinates of both ends of a STL are known. Obtain the terrain profile and a propagation prediction.


It needs to be clarified as what map transformations are used. The Ordinance Survey maps are all with distance linear map view boundaries, that is to say the the boundaries do NOT follow latitude/longitude lines.

However the maps based upon OSM and Nasa terrain are latitude/longitude linear, that means the map view boundaries DO follow the latitude and longitude lines. Thus the boundary distance span will vary with location on the globe. This also means that any constant distance cicle drawn on the globe will trace an ellipse at all locations except the equator.

It must also be stated that the mapview port requires a real 1000x1000 pixel screen view for maximum accuracy.